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Adobe 5.0 Reader

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Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view PDF documents. You may download the free document viewer (Acrobat Reader) from Adobe's web site.

Installation Guide for Fonts

Below are 6 easy steps on how to download and install the Hebrew fonts.

1. Download the File. Click Here

2. Unzip the File into a temporary file, which you will need to remember for later. (You will need an unzipping program like WinZip or any other)

3. In Windows Open up Control Panel. For Windows 95/98/ME Go, Start Button, Settings, and Control Panel. For Windows XP in the new mode (not classic) click the Start Button, Control Panel.

4. Once you have opened Control Panel Find the file for fonts, open that up.

5. When that is open, go to File and click Install New Fonts.

6. When the next window opens and asks where the new fonts are, find the folder where you unzipped the Hebrew fonts which you downloaded earlier, then click on select all and hit Ok.

6. If that doesn't work Restart your computer and try this page again for the test fonts below. If you are still having problems please contact us at

Download The File Click Here

Test Fonts

Hebrew Font Test - jujh

Hebrew Font Test - חוחי

Greek Font Test - Cristoz