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The Assembly of YAHOWAH the Eternal has printed many studies over the years. We would like to offer this information given by YAHOWAH for you to read and study at your leisure. This collection is by no means complete, for more studies are being put together and many more will be added to this site in the near future. Bless you in YAHO-Hoshu-WAH's name.

The Bishop and the Assembly.

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You will need download Adobe Acrobat 5.0 to view the books we have made available to you.

Studies We Have to Offer Online At This Time.


"Are Duck, Geese and Swans Clean to Eat According to YAHOWAH's Laws?"

| Read Now |
Details: A Detailed study looking at the Laws of Leviticus Chapter 11 and Dueteronomy Chapter 14. On the Subject of Birds, especially on Duck, Geese and Swans .

"Are YAHOWAH's Laws Nailed to the Tree?"

| Read Now |
Details: A look into whether or not the laws of YAHOWAH are done away with.


"Is the Book of Enoch Inspired?"

| Read Now |
Details: Enoch isn't one of the 66 books in the Bible, but is it inspired by YAHOWAH. This study delves into that subject.

"Is the Proper Pronunciation of the True Name Lost?"

| Read Now |
Details: The Pronunciation of the true name of YAHOWAH and the evidence to support it.


"Passover of YAHOWAH

| Read Now |
Details: A study on the Passover of YAHOWAH, the first annual feast day of YAHOWAH's Calander.

"Personal Family Name (YAHOWAH)

| Read Now |
Details: A 400 page study into the personal famil name of YAHOWAH. Including Scriptural and Historical Evidence.

"Personal Family Name of YAHO-Hoshu-WAH, The"

| Read Now |
Details: Why do we have this particular English spelling for the Saviour's name? This study will explain why and how.


"Revealing the Man of Sin"

| Read Now |
Details: Evidence on who this man of sin is... you will be surprised!


"There is a Demon Named Jesus"

| Read Now |
Details: Evidence that the name and title of jesus christ is pagan.

"They Shall Know My Name..."

| Read Now |
Details: Scriptural evidence that shows the necessity of calling upon YAHOWAH's name for salvation.


"Vancouver the City of Revelation"

| Read Now |
Details: Local land marks, scriptures, YAHOWAH's name and Assembly and other factors that seem to show that Vancouver is the city of prophecy, a city chosen by YAHOWAH to bring out the truth.


"Where Do the Titles "God" and "Lord" Come From?"

| Read Now |
Details: Irrefutable evidence to show these names and titles are completely pagan.

"Who Murdered YAHO-Hoshu-WAH..."

| Read Now |
Details: Wonderful study on the surrounding circumstances of YAHO-Hoshu-WAH's death and who was ultimately responsible.


"YAHOWAH's Divorce and Remarriage Laws"

| Read Now |
Details: A study on the YAHOWAH's Laws if he allows Divorce and Remarriage

"YAHOWAH's Tassel Law [A Detailed Study on Numbers 15:38 and Deuteronomy 22:12]

| Read Now |
Details: A study on Tassels a Detailed look at Num 15:18 and Duet 22:12. Do we wear them? If so what Color? What Style?

The Bishop and The Assembly would like to thank you, in YAHO-Hoshu-WAH's name, Amen