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1. Vancouver (B.C., Canada) City of Revelation


The best witness to YAHOWAH’s Truthfulness as found in the written Word is Prophecy.

We have been conditioned for many decades now, not to believe the “bible” (the Consecrated Scriptures or Word of YAHOWAH) because of the different pagan religions that claim to believe and follow it.

These pagan adherents have done a wonderful job of turning the people against the Word by their actions, such as: proclaiming the end of the world through false prophecy, molesting little boys and girls, claiming to speak for the Almighty One without scriptural backing,  claiming to the have the Spirit of Truth through healings (which are often fake) etc…

Is it any wonder people have little trust in YAHOWAH and His Word?

The reason we trust the Word of YAHOWAH is that He never lies. Prophecy proves that, and for the past 200 years archeology has helped in this regard. If YAHOWAH has kept His Word according to fulfilled prophecy, without a single mistake, then we can certainly believe the rest of the prophecies will be accurate.


1. Vancouver (B.C., Canada) City of Prophecy

So what have we here? A city- some have called “Sin City”-but is there more? To the north, mountains – two lions atop – Kingly Lions, what is their significance? Is the truth prophesied to come from the west? Vancouver is as far west as you can go (on the mainland)! What is the meaning of the symbols in the seal of Vancouver? These points and many more are revealed. May YAHOWAH richly bless you in YAHO-Hoshu-WAH’s name!

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