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1. Where do the Titles 'God' and 'Lord' Come From?
2. There is a Demon Named Jesus
3. Revealing the Man of Sin


The clever devil that is in constant opposition to anything that is righteous or pure has taken the true name of YAHO-Hoshu-WAH out of the scriptures and has substituted Jesus, a pagan rooted devilish name. Without the true name of YAHO-Hoshu-WAH to call upon there is no salvation!

What you are about to read, is a compilation of studies and records put together by the Rowach Kodesh, using the late Bishop Gordon Keith Pearce. May YAHOWAH bless you as you come to the knowledge of the truth in all things, in YAHO-Hoshu-WAH’s name – AMEN!

1. Where do the Titles 'God' and Lord' Come From?

People today worship and pray to “God” the deity of fortune in ancient Babylon and Syria. YAHOWAH prophesied of this in Isaiah 65:11, for he said, “But you are those who forsake YAHOWAH…who prepare a table for GD (in Hebrew, the letters Gimel, Daleth), and who furnish a drink offering for Meni.” All commentators agree that GD (Gad with the vowel points) is a pagan deity, but elsewhere in the Hebrew scriptures we find references to the same idol with the vowel points that spell “Gawd” or “God,” (study Jos. 11:17, 12:7, 13:5). There we find “Baal-Gawd” or “Baal-God,” obvious place names for their deities. Refer back to the Dictionary of the Bible by James Hastings, under “Gad.”

Keil and Delitzsch, Commentaries on the Old Testament, (pages 482-484, appendix on page 524) comments on Isaiah 65:11, “There can be no doubt, therefore, that Gad, the god of good fortune, … is Baal (Bel) as the god of good fortune…this is the deified planet Jupiter…Gad is Jupiter…Mene is Dea Luna…Rosenmuller very properly traces back the Septuagint rendering to this Egyptian view, according to which Gad is the sun-god and Meni the lunar goddess as the power of fate.”

The pagan title of “lord” comes from three pagan deities Larth, Loride and Lordo. Under the agnostic flag of syncretism and open rebellion against YAHOWAH’s precepts, this poisonous title was used more than 6500 times in the English translations of YAHOWAH’s Word to substitute Our Heavenly Father’s name.

Larth was an Etruscan house deity whose name was Lar, which signified “lord,” also known as Larth, who later on became very popular in Rome and became known as Lares (plural), because idol statures they were usually in pairs. This deity was invoked together with Janus, Jupiter, Mars, Quirinus and Bellona. See W.H. Roscher, Ausfuhrliches Lexikon der Griechischen und Romischen Mythologie, under “Lares,” and Encyclopedia Britannica 11th edition, under “Lares,” page 807.

The Greek equivalent of this name was Heros, which was another name for Zeus. A feminine form was known as Lara, who was the beloved of Mercury, the sun-deity. Another name for Zeus was Larissaeus, which also was another name for Apollo. Zeus was also known as Larasios or Lariseus, while Larasios was also a surname of Helios…

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2. There is a Demon Named Jesus

This book will reveal the personal name and title of Satan the Devil as "IESOUS CHRISTOS" in Greek, "IESUS CHRISTUS" in Latin, and "JESUS CHRIST" in English. This of course is an inconceivable assertion to acknowledge, especially if you were taught from a young child that Jesus died for your sins during Easter and that he was buried on Friday afternoon and rose up early Sunday morning!

The problem is the modern day ministers of Baal (found in the Roman Catholic Church and her daughters) rarely show the evidence for their claims. First, did the Saviour, the Author of our Salvation come in the name of the a pagan Greek idol? Secondly, did the Saviour ever disobey the laws and commandments of His Heavenly Father YAHOWAH? Thirdly, did YAHOWAH lie to his people about the prophecy of His Son’s resurrection?  These are some of the challenges, the bible student must resolve with the help of the True Almighty One YAHOWAH.

This book is written for those of you who are truly looking for answers to our pagan system of belief as found through the Christian churches. This book, we confidently know, will open your eyes to what’s really happening behind the scenes of this evil world system. We hope to enlighten you to the real story of our Hebrew Messiah, YAHO-Hoshu-WAH, and how his name and life was supplanted by the King of Demons, Satan the Devil.

We now live in the last half of the last generation, the last of the “last” days, and we have no time to waste with foolish beliefs and philosophy. The time is reap for those who are being “called” out of this pagan system to read, study and pray for the full truth.

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3. Revealing the Man of Sin

The man of sin revealed in II Thessalonians 2:1-10 is the Pope in power, during the Great Tribulation that will befall the nations of modern-day Israel, but the ultimate “man” of sin is our adversary, Satan the Devil, the Prince of this World System. Revelation 12:9 (Jewish New Testament) says, “the great dragon was thrown out, that ancient serpent, also known as the Devil and Satan (the Adversary), the deceiver of the whole world…” How has this serpent deceived the whole world?

The Vatican represents one of the most powerful, influential and prosperous religions on earth and it has as their most important deities, God, Lord, Mary and most importantly Jesus Christ. We in the Assembly of YAHOWAH the Eternal propose to the Bible student the incredible claim that the name and title of Jesus Christ is in fact the Devil himself in disguise.

Don’t get the wrong impression for we firmly believe in the Messiah (Mashi-YAHO in Hebrew), who came down from the heavens in the form of mortal man, lived his life perfectly according to YAHOWAH’s Laws, was betrayed, nailed to a stake on the Mount of Olives and died for the remission of our past sins. Through the loving-kindness of YAHOWAH the Heavenly Father, He resurrected his Son after three literal days and nights; is now found at the right hand of his Father.

We firmly believe this because it is written in the Consecrated Manual of Life, but it wasn’t done in the name of a Greek pagan idol. Our Master, Redeemer, Author of our Salvation came in the name of his Father, YAHOWAH, as YAHO-Hoshu-WAH, the Greatest of all the Hebrew prophets. He was born to a pure blood Hebrew family of the line of King David, was given a Hebrew name, was taught the Hebrew language and laws, and followed the consecrated customs of the Hebrew Torah, yet they want us to believe a Greek named idol died for us?

The English name Jesus, comes from the Latin "Iesus", which comes from the Greek name of “Iesous", which is pronounced EE-AY-SOOSE (see Strong's Concordance #2424 Greek Section). This was substituted for the true personal name of the Messiah YAHO-Hoshu-WAH, which in Greek would have been translated as "IOU-O-SOUA" (pronounced Yao-Aw-Soua). A study of this topic will find that the pagan name of IESOUS and Jesus Christ in the English comes from the idols of "Bacchus", "Dionysus", and "Zeus" to name a few. The final suffix of the name Jesus comes from the final suffix of Iesous in the Greek suz, which means "swine." See the International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, vol. 5, page 2876, and the Webster's Third New International Dictionary of the English Language, unabridged, page 2303 under the word "sus".

We quote the book Church Symbolism by F.R. Webber, second edition, page 98 “the letters XI shown in figure 28, plate 8, are the first and third letter of the Greek word CristoV, Christos meaning Christ. If these letters are reversed to read IX, then the I stands for Iesous, meaning Jesus and the X for CristoV (Christos) meaning Christ. These forms often occur on old burial inscriptions."

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