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YAHOWAH's Commanded Laws

1. Are Ducks, Geese and Swans Clean to Eat According to YAHOWAH’s Laws?
2. Are YAHOWAH's Laws Nailed to the Tree?
3. YAHOWAH's Divorce and Remarriage Study
4. YAHOWAH's Tassel Law [A Detailed Study of Num 15:38 and Deut 22:12]
5. Tithes and Offerings


Deuteronomy 4:8
v8.     And what nation is there so great, that has statutes and judgments so righteous as all this law, which I set before you this day?

Moses (Moshech) knew the greatness of the laws of the Most High YAHOWAH. When obeyed they bring peace and harmony with YAHOWAH. Why were these laws made? To govern man, and to keep him from sin, and if he did sin, what to do about it (which leads us directly to YAHO-Hoshu-WAH’s supreme offering- Himself). YAHOWAH knows our frame he remembers we are dust (Ps.103:14 ;Eccl. 12:7). He also knows our will is weak as water but with obedience to All His Laws comes power over sin and ultimately, eternal life! 

1. Are Ducks, Geese and Swans Clean to Eat According to YAHOWAH’s Laws?

Many people have asked, are ducks and geese clean to eat, and many years ago, I was one of them! The answer given at the time was that they are not clean because they lacked a crop (like chickens and turkeys), they did not scratch the ground with their toes, and they have webbed feet.

Well, up until a few months ago, I had not touched or eaten any ducks or geese because of these injunctions from the scriptures and that was fine with me. However, an important question was asked again, why are ducks and geese unclean? I merely repeated the same thing I was told many years ago, which begged the question, where is that found in the scriptures?

Frankly, that was an excellent question!

This forced me to look more closely into YAHOWAH’s dietary laws of Leviticus chapter 11 and Deuteronomy chapter 14, and what we found was very interesting.

This study is a summary of what we found in regards to ducks and geese.

We pray that everyone will take the time to look up the references and double-check their bibles, dictionaries, lexicons, and commentaries. We are confident that everyone who does so will come to the same conclusion we have.

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2. Are YAHOWAH's Laws Nailed to the Tree?

The spiritual law of YAHOWAH works much like the corporal laws of the universe. Like the invisible law of gravity, the law of YAHOWAH is always in effect, working at all times. When we keep it, YAHOWAH blesses us. If we don’t, we bring its penalty upon us. To think that YAHOWAH has eradicated His unchangeable spiritual law is like telling people the law of gravity has been done away, so they may freely jump off tall buildings with no ill-effects!

This study will show that YAHOWAH’s are not laws formulated by Moses and given only to Israel and the Jews. They were required before Moses' time, as well as during and after YAHO-Hoshu-WAH’s life. In fact, all the Laws of YAHOWAH have been in full force and effect since creation. They are still binding on us today! We will also see that they are not just "rituals" or "suggestions," but the very code of conduct of our Almighty YAHOWAH!

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3. YAHOWAH's Divorce and Remarriage Laws

The Assembly of YAHOWAH the Eternal proudly presents the following study for all bible students to read and study based on an earlier work by the late Bishop Gordon Keith Pearce. Many years ago, before the present author was even introduced to YAHOWAH, the Assembly was split by the contenious issue of what constituted a divorce and whether or not they were allowed to remarry. Some argued that any divorce of any kind is wrong, others found it digusting that a man was able to divorce and remarry soon after to another man or vice a verse.

Therefore Gordon was inspired to look in the scriptures to see whether or not YAHOWAH allows divorce, and with what grounds. He soon found out the truth and began to put it together in book form; many years later I was given permission by Gordon to revise and reprint many of his earlier work, and praise YAHOWAH that is what I’m doing.

At the present time we have in Canada a 44% divorce rate and every divorce wasn’t recognized by YAHOWAH! Shocking isn’t? However for those of us that want to love YAHOWAH and desire His Kingdom it would be prudent for us to investigate what YAHOWAH has to say about divorce and remarriage on the off chance that we may be on the wrong track.

YAHOWAH makes it clear in His Word that ANYONE who (illegally) divorces his or her spouse IS committing adultery! Therefore this study will explore the applicable scriptures to divorce and remarriage and we will prove through scripture law what a legal divorce and remarriage is all about.

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4. YAHOWAH's Tassel Law
A Detailed Study of Numbers 15:38 and Deuteronomy 22:12

Much of this study will deal with the “enigmatic” phrase found in Numbers 15:38; “that they put upon the fringe of the borders a ribband of blue.” This phrase has bothered me (and many others in the Assembly) for many years because when I first read it, my first impression was that the tassel itself was to have “one” ribband of blue in it, unlike the tassels we had come to understand to wear.

Recently one of my brothers in the Faith (Yaho-hanan Fiwchuk) began to re-examine this law and started to ask important questions about the tassels, which initiated this dissertation.

The tassels we wear now, at this moment, are completely blue in colour, which we attach to our outer garments with a string of purple. The importance of wearing tassels will be explored in this study but our focus will be on that phrase I quoted earlier.

We will present evidence from the Hebrew Scriptures that show our current understanding of how we (in the Assembly) are presently wearing the tassels may be flawed.

The fact that we might have been wearing or observing the tassel law erroneously for a number of years is neither negative nor discouraging to us. On the contrary, we bless YAHOWAH in YAHO-Hoshu-WAH’s name for His mercy; He promised that the “restoration” of all things must occur BEFORE He (YAHO-Hoshu-WAH) comes back in Acts 3:20, 21.

This “restoration/restitution” of all things is the fulfillment of everything YAHOWAH gave to the prophets, and we have come to understand this “restitution” includes all the laws of YAHOWAH as YAHO-Hoshu-WAH instructed the people of the 1st Century of the Common Era.

We strongly believe that YAHOWAH began this restoration again with one man in 1957 by the name of Gordon Keith Pearce (1930-2006), and we praise YAHOWAH for giving him the framework for many of the things we believe and know to be true.

Having said that we also realize that Gordon was a man and no man (or woman) is infallible! We all make mistakes or misunderstand things we are not familiar with, especially from the Bible. Many of the things we read in the Hebrew Scriptures are based on the Eastern customs of the Middle East and we too often read and understand them through “Western” eyes.

Therefore, we will delve into the Hebrew text and many other historical documents to reach a clear and simply understanding of YAHOWAH’s tassel law, and how a true follower of YAHO-Hoshu-WAH is suppose to make and wear tassels.

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5. Tithes and Offerings
Can you afford not to pay them?

YAHOWAH many centuries ago instituted a beautiful law for the prosperity of the children of Israel called the tithing law. This law was instituted for the maintaining of the tribe of Levi (the priestly tribe), the Aaronic priesthood, and the temple when it was eventually finished in the days of King Solomon. The tithes and offerings were also a method of discipline for the tribes of Israel to teach them that YAHOWAH comes first in their lives.

We will examine the benefits of giving tithes and offerings to YAHOWAH, and the different curses for stealing from YAHOWAH’s tithes and offerings.

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