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YAHOWAH's Family Name

1. Personal Family Name (YAHOWAH)
2. Son (YAHO-Hoshu-WAH)
2. They Shall Know My Name


How are we so certain that the Almighty’s family name is YAHOWAH? For the reason that he says so, using the prophets of old! Every time one of the prophets wrote, they said YAHOWAH, not some substitution! They wrote YAHOWAH’s name in Hebrew since YAHOWAH’s Truth was given to the Hebrew nation first. Today YAHOWAH is speaking to us in a different language, namely English (which incidentally contains many Hebrew words).

Everything you’re about to read and study has been proven using YAHOWAH’s Word. Do the same and you’ll agree- YAHOWAH is the Heavenly Father’s name and YAHO-Hoshu-WAH (which contains the Father’s name) is the Saviour’s true name. Without the true name there is NO SALVATION!

1. Personal Family Name (YAHOWAH)

An In-depth study of Exodus 3:15

"The true name of our Heavenly Father is one of the most contentious subjects in the religious field because academia is apathetic and the general public is too comfortable to care..."

What we have here is a study into the Personal Family Name of YAHOWAH. This study contains over 400 pages of in-depth analysis with scriptural and historic proof.

Due to the sheer size of the study we are going to be providing a hard copy to be purchased off the internet so it will be easier to go over then reading 400 pages off the computer. The link below will link to the full study exactly as the book will be expect it will be free and you can print it out just the same.

Link to Full Study

2. Son (YAHO-Hoshu-WAH)

The Personal Family Name of YAHO-Hoshu-WAH

The importance of knowing the true personal family name of YAHOWAH, (the Heavenly Father) and His Son YAHO-Hoshu-WAH must not be underestimated; the following scriptures make it plain who will save us, Joel (YAHO-El) 2:32, Acts 2:21 and Romans 10:13. Joel (YAHO-El) 2:32

According to the Hebrew text, hwhy YAHOWAH will save us, not the “Lord” as the translators have re-written the Scriptures. Notice again in the scripture above that YAHOWAH’s name is written in hebrew three times, which has been substituted with the pagan title of “lord.”

The text of YAHOWAH’s Word, as found in the Dead Sea Scrolls and many other archaeological finds, renders the name of the Almighty One of Israel as hwhy (jujh in Modern Hebrew), YAHOWAH in English.

Many bible introductions admit that the name of the Almighty One has the following letters, YHWH, which they deduce as Yahweh or even worse, Jehovah. However, the evidence is clear; YAHOWAH’s name has to have three syllables (with an “o” in the middle) as the following professor has truthfully stated:

”Concerning the Tetragrammaton in favor of the Hebrew name ‘Yehowah’ (English- Jehovah). ‘The original form of the divine name was almost certainly three syllables, NOT two. The accumulated data points heavily in the direction of a ‘three’ syllable word." - George W. Buchanan, “Some Unfinished Business With the Dead Sea Scrolls," Rev Q 13.49-52 (1988), 416”

"When the Tetragrammaton was pronounced... it was pronounced in "three" syllables and it would have been 'YAHOWAH' "- George W. Buchanan, “How God's Name Was Pronounced," BAR 21.2 (March-April 1995), 31-32
"The correct pronunciation of the Tetragrammaton is either Yahohwah  or Yahuwah. This can be shown from the use of the name in poetry and proper names that include the Tetragrammaton, such as Yahu-nathan or Eli-Yahu. "-Hebrew Scholar; Dr. George Wesley Buchanan Introduction to Intertextuality, page 9; footnote 15
This study will examine the evidence of why Our Saviour had to come in the fullness of His Father’s name and why it was never Jesus, Christ or Lord.
May YAHOWAH bless you and your family with His Truth in YAHO-Hoshu-WAH’s Name. Amen

The Bishop and the Assembly
November 25, 2006

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3. They Shall Know my Name

How did mankind lose the knowledge of YAHOWAH’s Consecrated name? Through the work of the scribes and interpreters, who interpreted and copied the original inspired scriptures erroneously to conform to their “theology”. Read it for yourself in your own bibles in Jeremiah 8:8, 9 marginal reference of the King James Bible. The Prophets of YAHOWAH penned the original scriptures, as instructed by His Spirit (the Rowach Kodesh, meaning the Pure Separated Spirit), but many afterwards, through the influence of money, power, false religion and Satan, perverted and changed the written Word of YAHOWAH.

Our Saviour YAHO-Hoshu-WAH, the Son of the Most High YAHOWAH, and the apostles foretold of this corruption, and how many in the New Covenant Assembly would “work” unrighteousness to defraud and destroy the believers and the consecrated principles of YAHOWAH. 2nd Thessalonians 2:1-12 tells us that false teachings and a falling away from the truth would take place before the Second Coming of the Messiah to the Earth, and this we firmly believe happened between 120 C.E., and 1957 C.E.

The translators had, by accident or design, substituted the Consecrated Names of YAHOWAH and YAHO-Hoshu-WAH more than 7000 times, with the pagan names and titles of Sun deities. Over time mankind lost the true path of salvation as taught by the Saviour and His apostles of the 1st century Assembly (although this path was blocked by Satan and his minions, YAHOWAH will open the way for many to come back in the flesh to hear and accept the Truth for the first time).  

These changes shouldn’t be a big surprise to us, the apostles warned of a coming apostasy. Saul the Apostle in Galatians 1:6-9, told us that men would pervert (change) the Word of the Heavenly Father YAHOWAH. He also said that evil men would preach another Saviour or Ishua (in the Hebrew), in 2 Corinthians 11:2-4. These prophecies were fulfilled and for over 1800 years Christianity has established this false doctrine of perversion and syncretism which blends YAHOWAH’s truth with paganism.

Now in the last days YAHOWAH is starting to establish once again the truth faith as given to the apostles in the hope that some will come out and stand up for the truth no matter what the cost.  YAHOWAH is going to reveal the deceptions of Christianity by their own words as found in the records preserved over the millennia. May YAHOWAH be praised and honour for His Great Wisdom and Mercy, in YAHO-Hoshu-WAH’s Name.  

Link to Full Study

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The Bishop and The Assembly